Rally or race ZF S5-18/3 gearboxes and Mk1&2 Escorts

The famous 5 speed gearbox which became famous with Ford Escort, Talbot Lotus, BMW 2002 and Opel Gt/E. 

We can supply a complete ZF gearbox suitable for road, rally and racing without having an exchange box.

 We can rebuild damaged gears. 

We can modifie original gearbox or simply service it.

Large choice of parts in stock. 

Gearboxes are built by us with the best care and knowledge. 

Our gearboxes run and win in all Europe and over.

We can offer you our Ford Escort mk1&2 knowledge and supply all the parts to prepare it for race and rallies. We stock a lot of parts for Pinto, Cosworth BDA and BDG, x-flow engines, english and Atlas axles, Rocket 4 speed and Type 9 Sierra gearboxes.

GR-BOX can supply complete ZF gearboxes for these cars:

Fiat Dino 2400; Alfa Romeo Montreal; Talbot Sunbeam Lotus; Ford Escort mk1 & 2; Ford Capri; Opel Ascona,  Manta, Kadett,  GT; BMW 2002; BMW E30; Jaguar XK 120 & 140, Volvo TGB, Sunbeam Avenger. 


We also can supply rare parts such;

 Opel Ascona and Manta 400 cylinder head and parts;

 Getrag 265 for Manta and Ascona, Bmw M3, Mercedes 190, grpa Sierra Cosworth 2wd with long bellhousing.

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(8 - 11 January 2015, Birmingham, NEC, UK)

with "GRP4 fabrications".    




Available ratios for ZF -  Rapporti per ZF disponibili


3,42-2,08-1,39-1-0,87 or 0,795  road gearkit

3,42-1,94-1,39-1-0,87 or 0,795  road gearkit

2,99-1,76-1,30-1-0,87 or 0,795 Opel GTE 2000 gearkit

3,85-2,08-1,39-1-0,87 or 0,795  road gearkit

2,44-1,76-1,30-1-0,87 or 0,795   special race gearkit

3,42-2,08-1,39-1,175-1   special rally gearkit for 4,6 cwp and 15" wheels

3,42-1,94-1,39-1,175-1   special rally gearkit for 4,6 cwp and 15" wheels

2,99-1,76-1,39-1,175-1   close ratio rally gearkit with medium long first gear

3,42-2,44-1,76-1,30-1  rally gearkit for long cwp

3,42-2,44-1,76-1,39-1  rally gearkit for long cwp

3,42-2,44-1,76-1,26-1   rally gearkit for long cwp

3,85-2,44-1,76-1,26-1   classic Opel rally gearkit for long cwp

2,44-1,76-1,39-1,175-1  close ratio rally gearkit for short cwp

2,3-1,8-1,36-1,14-1  classic historic rally ratios

2,08-1,76-1,39-1,175-1  special tarmac rally gearkit for short cwp

2,7-1,94-1,48-1,26 or 1,17-1 special rally/race gearkit for 15" wheels car and medium/long cwp  NEW!!!!

2,7-1,76-1,39-1-0,87 or 0,795 special race gearkit

2,7-1,76-1,30-1-0,87 or 0,795 special race gearkit


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